In drawing: make a tissue box using the origami technique

In drawing: make a tissue box using the origami technique

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Here is a nice idea for a decorative object (and more practical!) For all those who love the fabric but do not have a great desire for sewing… With the origami technique, it's easy to make pretty things out of fabric without spending a lot of time behind the sewing machine. The proof is there: it will only take you about thirty minutes to make a tissue box and replace the ugly cardboard box that sits on your bedside table or that of your child! To get started in this tutorial, you will need: - 2 squares of fabric 30 x 30 cm (preferably one with patterns and the other plain), - a sewing machine (or a thread with a needle and also a little patience ...), - a pair of sewing scissors, - 2 pretty buttons, - a thread, a needle to fix the buttons, - an iron, - handkerchiefs from a rectangular cardboard box .


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