Aufschnitt, the textile butcher's shop

Aufschnitt, the textile butcher's shop

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Blood sausages, sausages, steaks, slices of mortadella ... You think you are in a traditional butcher's shop, make no mistake! If the shop of Silvia Wald, Berlin artist looks like it can be mistaken in the window of a butcher, it is full of decoration accessories for the house made of cotton, lycra, micro fiber and synthetic leather. Focus on a brand like no other!

Silvia Wald, a well-inspired designer!

Behind the unusual and atypical textile butcher shop Aufschnitt, hides the work of artist Silvia Wald. A vegetarian, this young Berlin-based engineer in clothing technology embarked, a dozen years ago, on the design of original textile objects representing cold meat. Sausage, steak, chicken sticks, slice of salami ... It's very simple, everything goes! What started out as a small project quickly became, in view of the success encountered, a fully-fledged store.

A world full of flesh

When you open the door to Aufschnitt, his showroom located in the Friedrichshain district of Berlin, you are immediately struck by the multitude of decorative accessories available on the theme of cured meats. In her workshop, the designer diverts, not without a touch of humor, the pronounced taste of her compatriots for cold cuts. Giant ham pouffe, cushions in the shape of meat, without forgetting the mythical garlands in Bavarian veal sausages and Frankfurt sausages… Humorous and grotesque accessories which, in their absurdity, reflect the spirit of our current society.
But it does not stop there, also creating salamis and king size chorizo, chicken feathers more than 40 cm long and even organ meats that vegetarians and carnivores tear off, all presented in a "real "butcher's shop, under the claimed banner of Aufschnitt (in German" charcuterie "). The keys to its success? The love of materials and a deep knowledge of sewing, design and manufacturing of decorative objects.
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