Tutorial kids: make a Christmas reindeer out of cardboard

Tutorial kids: make a Christmas reindeer out of cardboard

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Today, we are offering you a lovely Christmas activity to do with the family! A small cardboard reindeer recovered to put on the chimney or at the foot of the tree. A great tutorial to keep the kids busy while waiting for Christmas, thanks to Stéphanie's explanations from the Stéphanie Bricole blog! duration : About 30 minutes Cost : around 10 € of supplies (reusable)


You will need: - cardboard - scraps of fabric - scissors or a hole punch - a pencil - a stapler - a glue gun (or strong glue) - a black felt - a red felt - a ruler - two pieces of branch or wire.


1. Start by cutting 11 circles about 3cm in diameter from cardboard (not too thick if you use a hole punch). 2. Then cut 4 rectangles of 1 cm by 4 cm which will be used to make the legs. 3. Last cardboard cutting, you have to make the head of your little reindeer. Draw the shape in pencil before to help you. The important thing is not that it is perfect but that your reindeer has a pretty shape.
4. Then cut 9 strips of news: 739845 fabric, about 6 cm long and 1 cm wide. 5. Staple the actu strips: 739845 fabric folded over each round of cardboard.
6. On the last two circles, staple the rectangles to make the legs of the reindeer. 7. We move on to collage! With your glue gun or strong glue, stick the elements respecting this order: - the face on a first circle "news: 739845 fabric" - a second circle "news: 739845 fabric" - a circle "legs" - 5 circles "actu: 739845 fabric" - a circle "legs" - two circles "actu: 739845 fabric"
8. All you have to do is draw the eyes and nose and add two small pieces of branches to make the antlers for your reindeer! If you don't have one, you can use a piece of wire to create the antlers.


And There you go ! A little cute reindeer recovered to pose at the foot of the tree! We bet your children will adopt it?

Thanks to Stéphanie for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your little reindeer on our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!