Knitting: learning to knit a single stitch

Knitting: learning to knit a single stitch

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The right stitches allow, when they are alternated with the reverse stitches, to make the most common basic stitches in knitting. Below we show you how to knit a single stitch. 1. To start a new stitch, hold the needle with the knitted stitches in your left hand and the second needle in your right hand. Then pass the ball of yarn to the back of the work.
2. Insert the tip of the right needle into the first stitch of your left needle.
3. Continue by winding the ball of yarn over the right needle.
4. Pass the tip of the right needle and the loop previously formed through the stitch located at the front of your left needle.
5. Keep the new stitch on the right needle and let the original stitch slip from the left needle: you get a knit stitch.


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