Vegan Eden, the product for washing your fruit

Vegan Eden, the product for washing your fruit

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For all Cordons-Bleu wishing to clean their fruits and vegetables well and volunteers to act in favor of better respect for the environment, Vegan Eden has developed a natural washing solution. Presented in a kitchen bottle or in the form of biodegradable leaves without rinsing, this innovative recipe consists of 100% natural and food ingredients to effectively remove soil residues and impurities from fruits and vegetables. Spotlight on a concept that has not stopped talking about!

A natural and edible recipe

Citrus extracts, aromatic plants, apple cider vinegar or vegetable gum ... here are some of the components of this clever solution which allows you to clean fruits and vegetables in perfect respect of their flavors and the environment. Inspired by the tips transmitted by our grandmothers, this simple formula, safe for health, leaves no residue, odors or tastes that could affect the vegetable or the washed fruit, whether its skin is tender or firm. Something to seduce all little gourmets! In its leaf version, Vegan Eden is soaked in purified water to allow use without rinsing. A practical innovation for all nomadic desires!

A new food hygiene reflex

Harvest, transport, handling and selection by different consumers, fruits and vegetables are exposed to numerous manipulations every day before ending up on our plates. Subjected at each stage of their journey to various risks of contamination and infested by microbes and other treatment residues, rinsing with water is insufficient! In the office, on a picnic or on a trip, to enjoy fruit and vegetables with pleasure and preserve their nutritional qualities, Vegan Eden therefore invites consumers to adopt a new reflex of daily food hygiene by using its washing solution in bottles or in leaf.

A responsible approach

An eco-responsible French company, Vegan Eden has transposed its values ​​into its formula and adopted a responsible approach at each stage of its production: from the design of its formula to packaging, including the packaging and delivery of its products, the brand takes care to place nature and consumers at the center of its concerns. The solution bottle : 4.99 euros The bag of leaflets : 3.99 euros More info on Vegan Eden