Writers' coffee version 2.0

Writers' coffee version 2.0

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The French brand Guy Degrenne, specialist in tableware, created the event at the end of the year with its Illusions 2.0 range. This unique collection of cups and mugs takes us on a journey through literary Paris thanks to a smartphone app and lots of poetry! Explanations.

When the heat creates the illusion ...

A mug that changes color when you pour your hot drink inside, this is not trivial. When a writer's quote appears above the cup as if by magic, we are close to the extraordinary! Yet it is the pretty literary trompe l'oeil that has managed to recreate the brand Guy Degrenne with its collection Illusions 2.0. Its principle? We download the free Illusions 2.0 app on our smartphone. Once the hot drink has been poured into the mug, we target it with our phone: the mug then appears on the screen, in its decor, and a writer's quote slides over it as if by magic. All the quotes relate to the pleasures of coffee and gourmet delights, a poetic way to start your day smoothly!

Guy Degrenne, tableware visionary for over sixty years

With its Illusions 2.0 collection, the house of Guy Degrenne is no stranger to innovation. It was in 1948 that the company was born in Normandy. First turned to stainless steel cutlery - which it will democratize brilliantly - the brand has diversified over the years towards tableware and tableware in their entirety. The Salam teapot, its best seller product, has not aged since its creation! Proof of its success, it sells one every 20 minutes worldwide. Today Guy Degrenne continues his quest for easy-going aesthetics by offering innovative and timeless products every year in the catalog. Box of two 6cl Espresso cups: € 25 for sale on www.guydegrenne.fr