Planet Ocean, an app to know which fish to put on your plate

Planet Ocean, an app to know which fish to put on your plate

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Cooking fish is sometimes a delicate art. Whether it is fried, poached, on a skewer, in a sauce, in soup, raw, in butter, or in chaplain, there is however a delicious dish that can be served in a thousand and one ways. For all food lovers concerned with ecology and resource management, the GoodPlanet foundation has developed the free "Planet Ocean" application in order to inform consumers about the least endangered marine species and encourage sustainable fishing. What if you checked your smartphone before going to the market?

Eating responsibly

The oceans are currently experiencing a critical phase of change, due to the intensive practice of fishing and pollution. The latter is partly responsible for the lack of oxygen present in the water, which suffocates fish and crustaceans by creating huge dead zones around the world. Fishing abuse threatens dozens of endangered species, some of which are very familiar to us (tuna, swordfish, cod, etc.). It therefore becomes essential to inform yourself before consuming, so as not to go towards the most endangered species and thus encourage their massive fishing.

How does the app work?

Very easy to use, the Planet Ocean application offers a simple and functional design divided into several sections. The home page includes a search engine that allows you to directly find information about the species you are looking for. It is also possible in one click to know the categories of fish to favor or not when shopping at the market. Finally, a section dedicated to recipes offers tasty dishes explained step by step and illustrated by gourmet visuals. As a bonus, the film "Planète Océan" by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Michael Pitiot in its entirety, as well as interviews with the director and filming secrets. True support for the underwater cause, the Planet Ocean application brings together news from the marine world in real time through articles from GoodPlanet magazine, as well as consumer advice for the eco-citizens that we are! Download the app on Android : // Download the app on iOS : //