Architecture and design explained to children

Architecture and design explained to children

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How to explain architecture and design to children? Already as an adult, the aesthetic and philosophical approach of architects and designers sometimes requires a certain intellectual gymnastics ... However, isn't the goal of design and architecture to tell stories around objects and Parks ? And children love to be told stories! It's up to us to tell them these stories! With some educational materials, it may be easier: we offer you some books, workshops and exhibitions that will invite children to understand the world of design and architecture in a fun and inventive way.

Architecture and design at the museum

Learning while having fun, what could be better? Museums have perfectly integrated this principle and offer many workshops and fun activities for young people. Thus, the City of Architecture & Heritage in Paris offers internships on the themes of the city and buildings - engraving internship "Print the city", mixed manual activities on the theme "Paris in 2050", introduction to the 3D printing "From virtual to real", etc. And for those who would like to visit the City with the family, game booklets (from 5 years old) are available to fully discover collections and exhibitions. While at the Cité des enfants de la Villette, the site is in the spotlight: the little ones put on helmets and safety vests for a role-playing game more real than life: bricks, wheelbarrow and crane take on a new dimension . The creator of the park's "follies", Tschumi, is also honored in an activity book entitled Archicube to discover the architecture (éd. Actes Sud Junior). We play with shapes, volumes, we study plans… like a real architect!

Books for the little ones

As for books, we can only recommend Didier Cornille's trilogy - All the houses are in nature , All bridges are in nature , All Skyscrapers are in nature , published by Helium editions: or how to present the most famous modern buildings with beautiful illustrations, explaining to the younger generation how they have revolutionized architecture. Also note, the exit from Glass vessel by Frank Gehry (éd. Helium), book dedicated to the Louis Vuitton Foundation and intended for children from 8 years old.

And what about design?

The Design mission, set up in June 2013 at the initiative of the Ministries of Productive Recovery and Culture, tends to initiate a real culture of design in all sectors, including the school environment. Renowned designers such as Matali Crasset have thus set up workshops carried out by children in schools, in order to introduce the youngest to the profession of designer. To make children aware of the world of design, you can also furnish their rooms with re-editions of design icons on their scale, such as the Eames or Bertoia seats, or the pretty desks by Sirch: a fun way to integrate the beautiful in their daily life!