A vine in my garden: what to choose?

A vine in my garden: what to choose?

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You dream of growing table vines in your garden but do not know which variety of grape to choose, or even if the climate is suitable. Rest assured, all the soils are suitable for the vine. To learn all about the grape varieties to choose, varieties capable of withstanding vine diseases, we met Charly de Jardiland, inexhaustible on a subject that fascinates many of us.

First of all, can we cultivate a vine in all regions?

Yes, and you can even raise a vine on a city balcony. In other words, the vine is loved everywhere, whether in a pot of good dimensions or in the ground in the fields as in a garden. You just need to make a few fertilizer additions from time to time and reserve a sunny place for it. Generally, we recommend a full south or southeast exposure. But be sure to shelter your vine from the wind, whatever your region.

As with many plants such as kiwi, is it compulsory to buy a male and a female vine stem?

The vine is self-fertile. This means that it is able to self-fertilize thanks to the pollen of its own flowers. Because yes, the vine flowers! If you have the opportunity to walk through the vineyards in spring you can admire the vineyard in bloom. The flowering period differs from one to two weeks depending on the region. If you want a grape vine in your garden, you can be content with one foot, but nothing prevents you from creating a fruit hedge only with vines of different grape varieties.

It remains to be seen what variety of vine to choose for the garden. What is the most important selection criterion?

Whether you live by the Mediterranean, in Lorraine or a thousand meters above sea level in our French mountains, you can have the pleasure of planting a vine in your garden. But take the climate into account. If the winters in your region are rather harsh and never stop, opt preferably for a grape variety whose production is early. These varieties do not need a long summer to reach sufficient maturity.

Which table vine do you recommend?

In the hottest regions of France, you can taste your own grapes from mid-August thanks to the Centennial variety appreciated for its slightly acidulous sweet flavor and its nicely golden bunches, but also for the absence of seeds. To harvest at the end of August, the Chasselas Rosé is perfect with its purple bunches, and the very tasty Chasselas Doré matures in the first days of September. For a mid-September harvest, prefer an Italia grape vine. You will appreciate the crunchy and juicy grains. And for the end of September, Lavallée will be perfect. These grapes can be planted in other regions, but the harvest will be done a little later, the climate requires. Finally, do not hesitate to let certain varieties of vines climb on a trellis. It will offer you a very pleasant shade during hot weather.


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