When high-tech invites wood

When high-tech invites wood

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Latest trend in high-tech, wooden accessories will invade our interiors! If the speakers and radios are not new, less expected objects have also taken hold of this noble material such as keyboards, USB keys and even computers! If you too want to take the plunge, discover our shopping list without further delay! When high-tech and responsible consumption combine, it gives wooden objects as ecological as design. It is true that technology is often associated with metal or glass, yet it also goes well with wood as we can see from all these accessories that come out of the ground like mushrooms. At the end of 2014, the designer Ora-ïto also presented to the public his collection of Mobility helmets designed in collaboration with the specialist in decorative wooden panels Marotte. Another favorite for the young Montpellier start-up Orée, who seduced us with its solid wood accessories for computer, tablet and smartphone. Our favorite: the Orée 2 bluetooth keyboard shaped in one piece in a board. At Iameco, it was mice and computers that had fun with wood. Difficult not to be tempted so their look is warm and refined. Finally, for lovers of minimalist objects, easy to slip into contemporary interiors, the TinkSky alarm clock radio and the Monitor Audio walnut subwoofer, imagined in the shape of a cube, will be perfect!
1. The TinkSky wooden clock radio, € 18.99 at Amazon / 2. The Roadstar radio, € 38.30 at La boutique du Net / 3. The Orée 2 keyboard, € 150 at Orée / 4. The USB key in Aricona wood, € 14.99 at Amazon / 5. The Sapelli wooden mouse, € 50 at Iameco / 6. The walnut subwoofer, € 499 at / 7. The Iameco desktop computer, 850 € at Iameco


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