Unidentified Decorative Item # 13

Unidentified Decorative Item # 13

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An elephant cheats a lot. The proof with the 13th Unidentified Decorative Object unearthed by the editor. If at first glance, this little gray elephant reminds us of a simple decorative accessory, know that it actually hides a little secret that makes it ultra practical. Kitchen, bathroom, we're sure you're all going to want to adopt it. We explain to you why. With its clean lines and natural color, this little elephant will seduce more than one. Especially when you have discovered what it can be used for. Jumbo, a small plastic creation signed PA Design, turns out to be… a drainer! By directing its small proboscis towards the sink, the water accumulated during the drying of the cutlery will naturally trickle through it. Much more practical than a classic drip tray in which water stagnates and quickly soil the bottom. There is no doubt that it will cause a sensation when you receive people!
Fun and aesthetic, Jumbo can also find its place in the bathroom to accommodate toothbrushes.
Jumbo Available in gray and cream 17.50 euros More info on //


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