Test: Lékué stick mold and homemade fingers

Test: Lékué stick mold and homemade fingers

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I received a new mold a few days ago from Lékué which has the particularity of making sticks, that is to say small sticks to present as an aperitif or in cookies. Who knows why, this shape caught my eye and I already saw myself designing a bunch of recipes with, but especially that of the fingers, these small crispy cookies covered with chocolate. This is why, for once, I did not follow the recipe in the booklet because it looked too much like that of the yogurt cake and I suspected that I would not find the crispness of the cookie. So, like any connected amateur cook, I started by searching the Internet and found several answers for the recipe for homemade fingers. But after my attempt, the cookie was still too soft for my taste. While I was searching in my memory which dough could do the trick (cat's tongue?), Mercotte advised me on Facebook the recipe for shortbreads when at the same time I had come to the same conclusion. This time the result was almost perfect and I therefore give you this recipe from the Mercotte site.

Homemade fingers recipe

You will need: - 180 g of flour - 150 g of semi-salted butter - 1 teaspoon of salt - 55 g of icing sugar Mix the butter for 5 minutes with a robot equipped with a sheet (flat whisk), until to make it sparkling. Then gradually add the icing sugar and beat for another 2 minutes to blanch. Then add the sifted flour and then the salt, beating again for a few moments. From there, the recipe differs from my side because if Mercotte freezes cold for 15 minutes its dough to be able to work it as it wishes, on my side it is just enough to bring the dough into the mold with a spatula!
For cooking, I did a bit with a pifometer between the advice of Mercotte (160 ° C for 30 minutes) and that of Lékué (200 ° C for 15 minutes). On the one hand, the shape was not the same but on the other, the dough was not the same. I finally opted for cooking at 180 ° C for 15 minutes.
Once the sticks or fingers are cooked, you can coat them with chocolate or taste them as they are because they are really delicious and you really approach the taste of the one you can find on the market!

Savory sticks

I still tried a recipe from the Lékué booklet, but in a salty version this time. I resumed the basic recipe in which I added pieces of black olives passed to the mini-chopper. With this fairly liquid base, I used Lékué's Décomax to fill the mold.
After cooking (200 ° C for 18 minutes), I got nice little sticks to present as an aperitif but, as I imagined, it lacked that little crispy side that I was looking for. Next time I will try a breadsticks recipe, the result should be interesting!

My impressions

This mold is certainly not essential in cooking but it is an opportunity to present to its guests finger food really very easy to make. With this mold, no need to work its base, to shape it at the risk of breaking it and having to start again! It can also be used in the microwave and this time the sticks will be ready in 5 min. 30. The other advantage is obviously the use of silicone which allows demoulding and maintenance without difficulty.
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