Our good addresses for a tailor-made wardrobe

Our good addresses for a tailor-made wardrobe

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Are you finally ready to take the plunge to install a custom-made wardrobe at home? This is good, the editor started to search for the best addresses to make it. Follow the guide !

An ecological and practical wardrobe thanks to Sogal

Sogal is a manufacturer of custom-made dressings, 50% made in France. It also has the Origine France Garantie label. The Sogal company offers and sells irreproachable products in terms of quality and finishes while protecting and respecting the environment. Always innovative, the brand never stops looking for new interior design solutions to meet the needs of its customers.

Combining practicality and aesthetics, it's easy with Quadro

Designed and made to measure by Quadro's cabinetmakers, you benefit from a real dressing room, functional and aesthetic. Each model is unique, composed to precisely meet your needs and desires with multiple drawers and compartments. The plus: the space can be closed completely with glass, wooden or lacquered doors, to integrate perfectly into your interior.

Optimize difficult spaces with Celio

Celio offers multiple solutions for your closets, closet doors, walk-in closets, cupboards, partition doors, and even bookcases, all at affordable prices. Celio has applied all its know-how for over 60 years to adapt your storage to your space. Ideal for furnishing the most difficult corners!

An open dressing room thanks to Neves

NEVES, a company specializing in the manufacture of walk-in closets, offers a wide range of solutions to adapt to any interior. The range of custom-made multifunctional wardrobes is mainly dedicated to open wardrobes. It offers the possibility of dressing linear surfaces as well as taking angles into account. Many accessories can be integrated into it, such as drawers, shirt shelves, pants racks, clothing elevators, fixed or sliding shoe racks, etc.