Falmec: latest generation hoods

Falmec: latest generation hoods

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The Italian specialist in high-end extractor hoods, Falmec, presents its new range of range hoods. The Italian brand, which has been working since 1992 to improve the performance of hoods, offers us an overview of its new products for 2015 with four models which will be marketed from next September: TAB, ECLISSE, PRISMA and FLIPPER.

The colorful TAB hood

Falmec is inspired by the vintage style by creating a model with dynamic colors and rounded shapes. The TAB hood offers a retro design and is available in three colors: bright orange, black or white. This inclined hood is equipped with an 800m3 / h motor which allows optimized extraction. Very easy to use, just open the front panel during cooking.

The Eclisse ceiling hood

Falmec completes its range of built-in hoods with a ceiling hood model called Eclisse. Thanks to its clean lines, it fits entirely into the ceiling. During start-up, the hood can descend approximately 15 cm. Thanks to its suction on all four sides, odors are trapped. Once cooking is complete, simply press the remote control to completely hide the hood.

The Prisma geometric hood

For this hood named Prisma, the Italian brand intelligently combines geometry and functionality. It benefits from a perimeter suction (which creates a kind of air curtain around the hob) and thus improves the capture of fumes and vapors. Prisma has a backlighting of the wall, behind the hood, which highlights the original design of this model and thus adorns the wall and the splashback.

The NRS Flipper hood

Falmec continues to develop a range of silent hoods and presents Flipper to us. The latter will be one of the quietest hoods on the market thanks to the NRS ® (Noise Reduction System) silence technology. This offers 25% more suction and reduces perceived noise by 82%. She also plays the design card with a glass frame made by a Venetian craftsman. In addition, Flipper has LED lighting and an anti-fingerprint stainless steel strip with electronic controls.