Auxiliary heating to increase the temperature

Auxiliary heating to increase the temperature

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Before buying your backup heater, know that you have the choice between different models:

  • fan heaters,
  • mobile convectors,
  • oil-filled radiators,
  • electric radiant panels,
  • electric fireplaces
  • oil heaters.

To select the one that best suits your needs, it is also important to ask yourself some questions: which heating for which room? Is it possible to move it easily? What power according to the number of square meters?

For those who favor aesthetics, two categories of auxiliary heaters will seduce you. Our darling is obviously the electric fireplace with its virtual embers and fire which are activated with a simple button. Design, refined, and very warm, we love it!

For the bathroom, we turn to ceramic fan heaters. These heat up very quickly and diffuse a very pleasant current of hot air when taking a shower.

Finally, the last element to take into account, and not the least: the budget. Small grants can turn to oil-filled radiators (from 25 euros) or to fan radiators (from 15 euros). Those who have a larger budget to devote to their auxiliary heating can turn to slightly more expensive models such as convectors and radiant panels (from 70 euros) or electric fireplaces (from 90 euros).