Stainless steel sink: tips for maintaining it, by specialist Franke

Stainless steel sink: tips for maintaining it, by specialist Franke

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A kitchen with a stainless steel sink will throw it away right away! This mixture of metals used for making many kitchen utensils is very designer but it would also seem very restrictive. However, Franke, specialist in stainless steel sinks, by the word of Corinne Le Rolland, marketing and communication director for the Swiss brand, tells us the opposite.

Is it a misconception that stainless steel is easily scratched?

No it's true. But today there are maintenance techniques to avoid this. Franke is the stainless steel specialist. This stainless steel (mixture of steel, chrome and nickel) has been brushed to obtain a patina. It is therefore more sensitive than microdekor® stainless steel or stainless steel-DEKOR® (structured stainless steel) which have been created to facilitate cleaning. But smooth stainless steel remains the most aesthetic in a kitchen. In addition, there are small tips to manage to maintain it without the slightest difficulty.

What are these tips, are we all hearing?

To take care of your stainless steel sink, I advise you to clean it regularly (2 to 3 times a week) with simply a sponge with scraper for sensitive surface and a liquid maintenance cream. Do not hesitate to rub but it is effective! This way you will skate the sink yourself. You can also reduce micro-scratches by using our "TWISTER", an all-in-one product, for the rapid restoration of stainless steel sinks. It's very silly and it removes your little scratches. You will remove traces of limestone at the same time. It's magic and it's super simple!

Do you confirm to our readers that we can stop bothering with stainless steel?

Yes ! it's still a very delicate metal but it is so pretty that it would be a shame to do without it. Of course, it's even better to buy a quality stainless steel sink. Maintenance is good, but that's not all. Stainless steel has durability. It is a recyclable product, guaranteed for life and above all naturally hygienic. But you have to know how to choose quality stainless steel and also choose suitable accessories.

What are the trendy accessories?

You have of course the Franke stainless steel taps and also the ROLLMAT drip grid (from 99 € HT). The water will flow and does not stagnate on the sink which avoids traces of water and micro-scratches. In the future, we could imagine an anti-trace treatment but it should intervene directly in the stainless steel manufacturing process, which complicates the deal… Currently, in terms of design, what pleases very much are flush stainless steel plan, they are so thin that they completely hide in the work plan.
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