Tutorial: customize a dresser with paint strips

Tutorial: customize a dresser with paint strips

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From sewing, DIY, vintage, modern and pink, here in a few words is the universe of the Couture et Turbulences blog created by Gaëlle a few years ago. It is in this very girly blog that we found a really cool tutorial that we wanted to share with you. For the record, Gaëlle had unearthed a pretty Scandinavian dresser, but the color did not match its decor, this great handyman decided to customize it. If you too want to give your old-fashioned dresser a new chance, follow this tutorial to transform it by painting colored bands! duration : about 3 hours Cost : around 15 €


You will need: - an old wooden chest of drawers - an electric sander - abrasive paper - fairly wide masking tape (about 50mm) - a paint can - a brush - a small paint roller (optional)


1. Start by removing the handles from your dresser, then use the sander to remove the paint and / or varnish covering it. Sand it down to a clean, smooth surface. For corners that are difficult to access, do not hesitate to use sandpaper and sand by hand.
2. Use the masking tape to protect the parts you do not want to paint and to draw oblique bands on the front of your dresser. Make sure the bands are parallel. Our tip: to make perfectly parallel strips of the same width, take a pencil and, between each strip, transfer the width of your masking tape.
3. Paint your furniture in the color of your choice using a brush. Also remember to paint, according to your desires, the details of your dresser, its tray or its feet. You can use a small paint roller (if you have) to paint the scratches and the dresser shelf. Let your first coat dry well then give a second coat if necessary.
4. Once your paint is dry, gently remove the masking tape, then put the handles back in their places.


And lo and behold, it was pretty simple, right? Your slightly old-fashioned dresser has now become a modern, designer piece of furniture, unique in the world!

Thanks to Gaëlle from the Couture et Turbulences blog for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your woven painting on our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!


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