The wood chipboard, aka OSB, the modular and inexpensive material

The wood chipboard, aka OSB, the modular and inexpensive material

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Although it has existed since the 1970s, agglo de bois is currently enjoying growing success. The one we also call OSB for "Oriented Strand Board" is an interesting material to use in decoration as in construction. Solid, durable, economical and efficient, wood agglo has everything to please. Let's go to the discovery of a classic material which is popular.

What is wood chipboard, aka OSB?

The wood chipboard is also called "Oriented Strand Board", to translate panel with thin oriented strands. It was born in North America where it has been produced since the 1970s and widely used in the United States and Canada. Today, the material is also used throughout Europe. It is appreciated in construction but also in decoration because it offers almost unlimited possibilities. OSB is made from wooden strips 6 to 8 cm long and up to 0.5 mm thick. These are then assembled using glue. To make a panel, 3 layers of different orientations are essential, they are crossed.

The many benefits of wood agglo

The agglo wood panels are packed with qualities. They are solid, offer a regular surface and excellent sound and thermal insulation. Wood agglo is a very affordable material whose dimensions extend endlessly. It is also a sustainable and ecological material. To make it, it is the thinning wood that is used, that is to say the wood of trees cut to allow others to develop better. The OSB is particularly malleable. It cuts, pierces or sticks very easily. If left raw, it has the color of natural wood but thanks to varnishes, it is possible to obtain a darker or more exotic shade. Those who prefer color can finish with stain or paint. Today, the OSB is sold in all DIY stores. Specialized dealers can be contacted in the event of specific needs such as very large panels or outsized thicknesses.

The various uses of OSB

The wood chipboard is as practical as it is aesthetic, which is why it is used for construction and decoration. For construction, OSB is present on walls and floors. Sometimes it serves as a support before laying tiles, it even replaces parquet or plaster partitions. At a time when the construction of wooden houses is becoming more and more popular in France, the OSB is establishing itself as an essential and durable material which makes it possible to reduce the bill on many levels.
OSB is an increasingly used material for interior architecture, and more particularly for creating custom closets and bookcases. Today, many designers use wood agglo to create interior and exterior furniture or even decorative elements. This is the case of Mathieu Gabiot, an industrial designer in love with wood, who does not hesitate to use OSB in the same way as fir for resolutely contemporary creations.