In drawing: create an ephemeral Easter decoration with message eggs

In drawing: create an ephemeral Easter decoration with message eggs

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Easter… Whether you give importance to this religious festival or not, you cannot miss (especially if you have children) bells which pass and which bring with them eggs, and all kinds of other delicacies. chocolate… This is an opportunity to have a little fun with the Easter decoration! I offer you a decoration of Easter eggs even more ephemeral than you think, since it is a question of making pretty surprise eggs, which will have to be broken to deliver their message ... A way to amuse the children with a egg hunt a little different from the usual, or to convey an exceptional message to those you love, in a completely original way! Easy to make, these surprise eggs are so very playful and so pretty, that you would be wrong not to adopt them for the occasion! Personally, I have a big weakness for polka dot patterns, that's why I offer this decoration but the technique used below can be used with all kinds of other cute patterns. It's up to you to innovate! To make these pretty message eggs, you will need: - fresh eggs (prefer whiter eggs as possible) - a pushpin and a large needle or any other fairly fine point - round, plastic or metallic sticks - thread soft iron - powdered food colors of different colors - containers for preparing colors - glitter and a sheet of paper as a funnel (optional) - a strip of paper and a pencil for the little message - adhesive tape masking tape approaching the color of eggs - a pair of scissors Forward!


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