A sound Placo® to insulate your room

A sound Placo® to insulate your room

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We are subject to noise every day. Although these nuisances are omnipresent, they annoy us. Indeed, according to the 2nd edition of the Observatory of acoustics for the habitat IPSOS - PLACOPLATRE, we are 54% to be bothered by noise coming from outside and from the neighborhood, 85% to be bothered by noise coming from our own accommodation and especially 95% wanting more calm. Now, if there is indeed a room where silence is golden, it is a bedroom. Rejoice! Thanks to the Placo® phonic from the company Placoplâtre, noise pollution is significantly reduced.

Placo® phonique: an innovation for guaranteed well-being

Although the idea of ​​getting started on the works does not appeal to you, you are tempted by the Placo® phonic. And you're right ! The so-called Redomince is a real acoustic solution. These plates combine plaster and glass wool to a thickness of only 5 cm. Thanks to the specificity of the materials used and more particularly the crystalline structure of gypsum, noise pollution is reduced by 50%.

Simplified assembly

The renown Placo® phonic has it all. In addition to their great qualities in terms of sound insulation, the sheets are also easy to install on the floor, walls and ceiling. Very practical, they are fixed perpendicularly to a metal frame using screws. In addition to improving the performance of the sound Placo®, the air space created makes it possible to camouflage cables and electrical wires and refresh the decor of the room. The panels are ready to paint and accept all types of finishes.

Some precautions to take

As a safety measure, you must completely rid the room in which you will be working and equip yourself with the right tools. If you are a handyman, you can probably get started on the job alone, but if you are a novice, it is better to get help or call a professional.
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